What is the pre-authorization of funds?

As soon as you place an order, a temporary pre-authorization is put on your card that sets aside the correct amount of funds for your transaction.
Unlike an actual transaction, a pre-authorization does not take funds out of your account, it simply puts a hold on those funds until we can confirm you’ve passed our verification process, and that your transaction has been sent for processing.
Pre-authorizations will show up on your statement as "PENDING" and are not an actual charge.

A pre-authorization confirms your payment method is valid, operational, and that there are enough funds to cover the cost of the transaction.


We advise you to start a single transaction each time and complete it before starting a new one since the funds are pre-authorized for all of them. In case you leave the transaction unfinished, cancel it or it is rejected from our side due to internal policies, you will not be able to access those amounts until they are released into your bank balance. We void payments immediately for unsuccessful transactions. For most banks, the void of a pre-authorization happens instantly and funds return to the payer's account within a few seconds. However, certain issuing banks process "voids" much slower. For those banks, it could take several business days, but usually doesn't exceed 14 business days.

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