I am not receiving SMS messages

If you are trying to register on Oobit or withdraw/transfer from your wallet, the system will send you an SMS one-time passcode (OTP) in these instances.

Here is what you can do if you are not receiving the SMS OTP messages:


1. Disable Roaming mode on your phone

Roaming can impact the cellular functionality of your device in the result of which you won't receive SMS messages. If it's turned on, try turning it off
Disable Roaming on iOS devices
Disable Roaming on Android devices 


2. Enable Airplane plane mode for 15 seconds

Enabling Airplane mode turns off your cellular signal. Enabling and disabling it acts as a reset for your cellular connection.
You can find the Airplane icon (✈) on your phone and tap it to either Enable or Disable Airplane mode.


3. Restart your phone

Sometimes, your phone software can interact with the ability to receive SMS messages. A phone restart can resolve many issues, including cellular functionality.
Restart your iPhone
Restart your Android


4. Update phone software

Software updates often resolve numerous bugs, which might be the reason that you're not receiving the SMS message
Update your iPhone
Update your Android


5. Contact your cellular service provider

You might have an outage in your area or your phone number might have restrictions. Contacting your mobile carrier support is essential to exclude any possible irregularities on their side. 


6. Contact Oobit support

If none of the steps above helped, please contact us at support@oobit.com or via live chat on the app.

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