My transaction was rejected due to security reasons

After a successful pre-authorized credit/debit card transaction, your transaction may be rejected by our security system.


What is the pre-authorization of funds? 

Our goal is to make crypto accessible to everyone while also keeping everyone's assets safe from all possible cyber threats. We may not disclose reasons for your payment rejection due to our security policy. 

All such orders have the pre-authorization of your funds voided, which should make them available on the balance of your Credit/Debit card within 1-72 business hours after the cancellation. Rarely, some banks might require more time to process this request (up to 14 business days).


What can I do to make my payment go through?

It is important to note first that you do not have any restrictions on your account, and you may initiate a new transaction, it's just the fact that this particular transaction cannot be completed. 

You can simply try again in 24 hours or try a different payment method instead.

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