Identity Verification: Liveness Pitfalls and Solutions

Having some difficulties passing the Liveness Check? We have gathered some solutions to make the verification process easier for all.


Poor Lighting

Make sure that your face is clearly visible on the screen. Be sure to interact with the module in a well lit room. Follow the system instructions to repeat the check if needed.


Incorrect Facial Positioning

You should not be too close or too far away from the camera. Position your face so that it is clearly visible and correctly fit inside the frame. Do not wear masks, glasses or hats when passing the check. The instructions and frames on the screen are designed to help you pass the verification.


Camera not Working

Allow access to your device camera to take a selfie. Also, check your operating system’s camera settings.


Photo Effects and Filters

Using photo effects and filters may lead to rejection. Do not use any camera effects while passing the Liveness check.

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