Identity Verification: Photo Requirements

To guarantee successful verification, make sure that your photos meet the following requirements:



  • The uploaded file is an original photo (static image) or scan (not a screenshot or a photo uploaded from social networks) in JPG, JPEG, PNG, PDF.
  • The size of the uploaded file is no less than 100 KB or 300 DPI.
  • The photo is in color.
  • The information in the document is readable.
  • All the corners of the document are visible and no foreign objects or graphic elements are present.
  • The document is valid.
  • The uploaded photo has not been edited with any graphics software or converted to PDF.
  • The document is not digital (in most cases).


ID Document Requirements

  • If the document has two sides, photos of both sides are uploaded.
  • The document is valid for at least one month from the upload date.
  • The document is not scratched, stained or torn.
  • The applicant's full name, date of birth, MRZ, and other important information is present and can be read.
  • All the documents must belong to the same person.


Common Issues With Document Photos

The following table provides solutions for the most common document denials.

Issue Solution
Watermarks Make sure you are not using any third-party camera apps that leave a watermark on the photos.

Place your document on a flat surface and hold your mobile phone in parallel with the surface when photographing the document.

If you are using a laptop or a desktop webcam, make sure that your elbow is in firm contact with the table while holding your document in hand.

Do not position your camera too close to the ID document.

To ensure that your camera is in focus, try tapping the screen of your mobile phone to force-focus on a specific object.

Glare Avoid photographing your ID document under direct light, especially if your ID document has a light-reflecting surface.
Missing info Photograph your document on a flat surface making sure the serial number, hologram, photo, MRZ, and so on are clearly visible (this may require slightly tilting your ID).
Foreign objects/persons Make sure that no one else is visible or partly visible in the photo and that you are not covering any of the data with your fingers.
Graphics software signs Do not edit the photos.
Poor quality Use a high-resolution camera and don’t resize the file before uploading it.


Make sure to do your best to follow the guidelines and tips you see on the screen. If you failed verification, read the rejection message you get carefully and try again. We are doing our best to provide clear instructions on taking and uploading photos.

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