Identity Verification Troubleshooting

If you’ve experienced any issues with the Identity Verification process, this guide will help you navigate your way through those issues and successfully complete the process. If you continue to experience issues and none of these options helped, please get in touch with our Support team via the Live Chat or by sending an email. 


Always ensure that the information you enter is the same as the information on your ID document. Discrepancies between these two can lead to the verification being denied. Here are several errors you may have encountered:


Seeing the error "Unable to upload your ID"

Seeing this error indicates that there was an issue with your connection to the service. Try using another device. If that doesn’t work, check your internet connection or contact our support team.


Being asked to upload your ID document again

If you have completed the identity verification process and are asked to resubmit an ID document, this is likely due to the platform requiring additional information in order for you to continue using the services provided. As regulations change, new data can be required, and in that case, we need to ensure that all regulations are followed in order to provide the secure service we pride ourselves on. 


To re-upload an ID, follow the instructions indicating upload document and complete the integrated liveness check.


You don’t live in the same country as your ID document is from

If your ID documents are from one country and your country of residence is another country, unfortunately, the verification process cannot accept this at this time. We are constantly working to accommodate as many users as possible, so this is likely to change in the near future.

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