Password Requirements And Troubleshooting

Here we will assist you with creating the most secure password, as well as offer tips and tricks to ensure that your password safety is fully optimized.


Oobit’s Password Requirements

To ensure the safety of your Oobit account, we require the following criteria to be met when creating your own password. It must include at least one of each of the following:

  • Lowercase character
  • Uppercase character
  • Special character (@,#,$,%,^,&, etc.)
  • Number
  • Be a minimum of 8 characters 


Making Use Of Password Managers

We strongly recommend making use of reliable password managers like LastPass and 1Password. This software not only saves all your passwords for you but can also generate unique passwords for platforms where needed. Additionally, these platforms also safeguard you against phishing attacks. 


Tips For Choosing A Good Password

  • Ensure that you create a unique password for your Oobit account (not used anywhere else)
  • Make your password as long and random as possible
  • Make use of passphrases, a string of words (however avoid popular movie lines)
  • Go for something memorable but not easily forgettable

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