Best Practices For Submitting Identity Verification Documents

During the Identity Verification process, users will be required to submit one of the following documents: passport, residence permit, driver's license or identity card. You will then need to verify your identity with a selfie, no uploads are necessary as it is integrated into the process. 


Here are several tips to ensure that your identity document gets accepted:

  • The documents must be in color and either an original photo or a scan (screenshots not accepted). The following formats are accepted: JPG, JPEG, PNG, PDF, MP4, WEBM, MOV, M4V.
  • The size of the documents needs to be above a minimum of 100 KB or 300 DPI.
  • You will need to ensure that the information on the document is readable and has not been edited or converted to PDF. 
  • The document needs to be valid.
  • For ID documents, if the ID has two sides ensure that you upload both.
  • ID documents and passports need to be valid for at least a month after the submission date.
  • Documents must not be scratched, stained or torn.
  • All documents must be issued by an official authority.


Avoid these common issues by following the accompanying instructions:

  • Blurry image: place the document on a flat, neutral-colored surface and take the image with your camera directly above, parallel to the document, and a fair distance away. If using your mobile phone, try tapping the screen to automate the force-focus feature.
  • Glare: avoid taking the image in direct sunlight rather than use natural light in a shaded area.
  • Ensure that all aspects of your document are visible and no information is cut out or illegible. Also, make sure that if holding the document that your fingers do not cover any important information. 
  • Watermarks: do not use any third-party camera apps that use watermarks to capture the document. Instead, use your camera directly.
  • Poor quality: do not resize the image after taking and before uploading, and make use of a high-resolution camera.

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