Send money to your contacts worldwide

Sending money was never this easy! You can make a payment to a contact on your phone or to a phone number.

  1. Head over to the “Pay” button and toggle to “Contacts”
  2. Click send
  3. You can either choose a contact or transfer to a phone number
  4. Choose your Reason for Transfer (optional)
  5. Enter the amount and choose the currency you would like to use
  6. Enter the 4-digit password sent to you via SMS

What happens if I transfer money to a contact who hasn't downloaded the app yet?

Once you transfer any amount to one of your contacts, that contact will receive a text message notifying him about the transaction. To access those funds they need to download the app and accept it. Please note, there is a 72-hour time frame for each transaction to be accepted before it automatically expires. As long as the funds have not been accepted the funds will remain in your account.

How can I know that the crypto I transferred was successfully received?

You will be notified on your Oobit app once the payment has been accepted by the recipient.

I transferred to a friend and regretted it, can I cancel?

Once a transfer is made it cannot be canceled.

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