Who can make tap payment in-store with Oobit

Tap payment is available only on Android devices at the moment. We’re working on bringing this feature to iOS users as fast as we can. This feature is available in selected regions, click here to see if we work in your region.


Where you can use Oobit?

You can pay with Oobit in any store that accepts the contactless symbol. Typically, they can be found on the payment terminal or at the cash register at checkout.

Contactless symbol


Check if your Tap to Pay is ready for use

  1. Open the Oobit app and complete your identity verification 
  2. Click the ‘Pay’ button on the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Make sure the following steps are completed.
  • NFC feature is toggled on
  • Make sure “Pay with current open app” is toggled on. 
  • You have a Screen lock set up (Pin or Pattern).
  • Your country is supported by Oobit 

When all these requirements are met, your phone is ready to make contactless payments.


Set up a preferred payment method for contactless payments

Once you open the Oobit app and click the ‘Pay’ button in the center navigation bar on the bottom of the screen, you will be requested to choose your preferred crypto asset to pay with.

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